Daniel is an exceptional listener. His level of self awareness, empathy, integrity and insight into (life coaching) experiences is an inspiration. Daniel is the perfect coach and guide for men who are searching for a grounded, soulful and professional approach to improving their lives, relationships and careers.

— Michael


I have worked with Daniel and his business Above Treeline Coaching during a period of transition in my life as I have just arrived in Denver, CO. This was a big change in my life and to have the ability to work with Daniel was a tremendous help. From the very beginning Daniel came across as a highly knowledgeable about coaching and as having the ability to meet me where I was in my life. Working with him was very insightful and challenging, as he helps to carry the conversation forward. He was able to dig deeper into many aspects of life that I was not aware of. Being aware of and able to see this part of my life with the help of Daniel was of great help to move forward. His own life experience and empathy, together with his knowledge of coaching made my time with Daniel very productive and eye opening. 

— Jose

Daniel is not only an incredible mentor and coach, but he is a true guide. He exudes a sense of playful curiosity and adventure that is deeply inspiring. When working with Daniel I have felt both empowered to strive for more, but also to look at myself with gentle honesty. Knowing that whatever I am in the moment is okay. He is warm, welcoming and always seems to know the right questions to ask, when to just listen and when to share. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I trust him as both a friend and an important guide in my life.

— kelsey



Daniel understands human change and transformation on a deep and competent level. His coaching style leads clients to a clarity that allows opportunity for growth. Daniel is committed, grounded, present and insightful. He is a great guide for clients to have on a journey towards realizing goals and finding self-realized potential. 

— Ryan


Daniel guided me to a newfound awareness that allowed me to gain clarity around my vision for moving forward. With his heartfelt listening skills and his uncanny ability to attune to my energy, he held space for me while I was in search of answers from my Soul.

—  Pete


Working with Daniel really helped me become clearer on what my goals are, and how to obtain them. Surprisingly, I also realized that I don't actually want to pursue some things that I thought I wanted, and this made room in my life to focus on what is most important to me. He is an attentive listener, who reflects back what I am actually saying, and I believe that's where a lot of my realizations came from. Knowing that I would meet with him again helped me hold myself more accountable for making progress on my goals. Overall, my experience with Daniel was extremely beneficial, and I believe it's his patience, active listening, and general open minded approach that helped me the most.

—  Kyleigh